About us

…proudly the city’s first alternative record shop containing a mixed bag of vinyl from across the spectrum, whether you’re after rare Soviet electronica or European techno.
A paradise for vinyl lovers, Diskultura boasts one of the biggest collections of both used and new vinyl records in Ukraine. Set in a basement of a residential building, this little record store has an authentic underground atmosphere perfect for choosing the right tunes.
The oldest record store in Ukraine.
Diskultura is one of the most iconic vinyl shops in Kyiv
Greatest hits vinyl shop is main vinyl store in Ukraine. Greatest records for last 40 years. More dance/electronic music. Other styles are respected too.
Main record store in Ukraine. All records are conveniently divided by genre and the fans of any kind of music from jazz to synthpop, soul and techno, drum ‘n’ bass and hip-hop and more will find it easy to dig through the section they are interested in.